Sustainable Homes, Better Mental Health


It has been a known fact that our planet has been going through a lot the past couple of years. From carbon emissions, pollution, global warming, and climate change, our planet has experienced a lot of struggles every day. So, as a race, we should be thinking about how we could best help sustain Mother Earth as best as we could.

A solution that I have been thinking about has been living in a sustainable home. Now, I know what you are thinking, and no, living a sustainable lifestyle is not hard. To help you understand this way of living, I have a few things I can list down to ease your way into this kind of life.

We start, of course, by explaining what a sustainable home is. A sustainable home is a home that uses energy and resources efficiently and with minimal impact on our environment. Before we go on about the ways you can lead a life of a sustainable home, let me tell you a few of the benefits that come with sustainable living.


First of all, this causes the most minimal damage to our environment because it efficiently uses water and energy. Having a sustainable home decreases your dependency on non-renewable resources, which are both expensive and a major contributor to pollution. This also helps in preserving the resources we have for future generations to use. Second, you can live a happier and healthier life for the family with this type of home. Apart from the reduction of toxic substances, what green living or sustainable living does is it reduces your stress as well as it improves your quality of life for you and your family.

Apart from all this, a sustainable home also has a lower operating cost. This is because these types of houses are built to last, and with construction techniques that ensure the efficient use of water and energy, the cost for repairs and upkeep decreases.

Now that we understand what a sustainable home is and its benefits let us move on to what you can do to build your own sustainable home. The first thing you can do is to have your house solar powered. What this does is it powers your house, from the kitchen to the children’s bedroom, and in the day, and it can stock up energy during the night and bad weather. This helps you decrease your dependency on power companies, and it also lowers your cost for utilities.


Up next is using energy-saving bulbs. So, let us say that the kids are up all night studying for a test. A light bulb can use up a lot of energy from the solar panels decreasing your stored energy for bad weather. Using energy-saving light bulbs help in decreasing the use of stored energy as well as it lasts longer than regular bulbs.

Another thing you can do is building up compost for kitchen waste. What this does is it helps in reducing the amount of household waste in landfills, and it reduces the cost of collecting them. This can also be used as an effective fertilizer if you one day decide to bond with your kids through gardening. Speaking of gardening, you can also start your little farm in the backyard to reduce the need to drive and go to the market. This not only saves you some time, but it also decreases carbon emission.

One more thing you can do is to have a water tank that collects rainwater for bathroom use, garden use, or even just to clean the car. This helps in lowering your use of the piped waters, and it, in turn, lessens your cost for utility.


So, with all this in mind and so much more that you can find on the web, what is important is that you can provide your family with a home that gives them comfort and joy. We are not only doing this to save the environment, but we are also doing this to provide a better life for our family.

With all the money you could save up from sustainable living, you can provide more of your family’s needs and wants. You can go out on holidays and vacations, and you can create more bonding moments through a lot of environment-friendly activities around the house. This way, you do not just spend time with them, but you also get to teach them that there are many ways to lead a life that is happy and healthy but still being able to save our planet.

When you are happy, your mental health is in tiptop shape. Also, with the world’s natural resources plummeting and the environment not being able to cope as fast as we use, our planet needs all the help it can get. So, change starts with you. This is your chance to give your children a better future.

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