Small Home? No Problem!!! Beat The Lockdown Blues – Read This!


Most single women and bachelors are living in small apartments, pads, or condos. That’s because it is easy to maintain, lesser lease or rental fee, and they won’t be staying there for the most of the day. But then, this COVID-19 drops the bomb on Mother Earth and bam! Everybody needs to stay at home and do a self-quarantine. No business or office is open, not until there is a cure or the curve is flattened.

So now, those who live in tight spaces are forced to deal with it. Some people have been staying at home 24/7 for two months now because it is not an option to go out and chill. You will have to relax in the comforts of your 22 sqm condo unit.

Oh no. It is a space issue. Will you be able to survive another 30 days in that tight space under lockdown? You will have to, and here are some tips on how to ease yourself in that tiny room you call your home during this pandemic.

  1. If you are working from home, then, congratulations! Not everyone has that benefit since more than thirty million Americans at this time are jobless. So, consider yourself lucky that you are still employed by your company and are earning a living. Now, since you are working from home, this is what you need to do. You have to create a workspace that is distinct from your bedroom or bed area, and away from the TV. In this way, you can focus on your work without thinking of wanting to sleep or turning on Netflix.

Let’s say your space is super small, condo at 22 sqm floor area. We cannot do anything about that now except accept it and think positive. Try setting up your workspace in a corner, with a sturdy chair and table. Put your laptop there and other work tools. It is the only way to work with ease each day. Face the window or have your back at the corner wall. You can also put on some music to help with your mood.

  1. You must have a “work” time and also your “relax or chill” time. You can always make up a schedule that you need to follow as well. As much as possible, do not break it. For example, if you need to work 6 hours a day, then allocate the hours properly. You can work from 9 am to 12 noon. And then, take a break. You can resume by 2 pm until 5 pm.

It is so nice to have lots of time for yourself, and you can allocate it with something relaxing or useful for you, other than work. Some people work out at least an hour a day. Others read a book – not an e-book. A paperback or hardbound book will bring a feeling of nostalgia for you and uplift your mood even in that tiny space. You can also meditate, do yoga, watch Netflix, play an online game, cook, create DIY projects, video call your family and friends, and more. It is also possible to re-decorate your small dwelling and make it look bigger.

  1. Now, how can you make your tiny space appear much larger? Well, here are some suggestions:
  • Paint the walls super bright light and, in contrast, dark shades. It gives the illusion of depth and space. This can be a DIY project at this lockdown time, you know.
  • For storage, try those hidden cabinets or multi-functional furniture. The coffee table can have bins underneath it, or you can place baskets under your bed. Tuck away the clutter and use the hidden storage technique.
  • It is a must to use the floor to ceiling curtains as it provides height.
  • Put up a big poster or a huge painting on that plain wall. Do not hang tiny art pieces as it will make your place look much smaller.
  • Do not forget illumination. Place some lamps on corners to brighten up the place.
  • You can use rugs to separate the “areas” in your home.

Wow, this may be a lot of work and big bucks for you to revamp your home. You don’t have to buy expensive things. Check out IKEA for small space ideas. You can view it online.

See, there are ways to feel good at a tiny home, even during a lockdown.

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