Repurposing Ideas For Your Home (Part 2)

How was your experience doing the small projects in the first half of this two-part blog? What did you enjoy more, the thought of showing your creativity or the fact that the ideas allowed you to save money?

There is no incorrect answer for the latter question, to be honest. You can be glad to be able to spend less on every project and have a gorgeous decoration as an output. That’s our goal here, after all: to show you that you don’t need to use all your savings to make your house pretty.

Still, wreaths, pots, and lamps cannot complete the revamping task that you may have in mind. You need larger items to display and become the centers of attraction when guests come. That way, you can entertain them even if you are busy cooking or doing something else for them.

Here are the other repurposing ideas that you may want to do as well.

Ladder Shelves


Metallic or wooden ladders can easily get transformed into instant bookshelves. For the folding type, you may cut the parts that prevent both sides from being extended too far. That will be great on the wall corners. A single ladder, on the other hand, is suitable for horizontal or vertical use.

Bar Headboard Rack


When you feel like changing your old spindly headboard into something that suits your contemporary lifestyle, you may turn it into a towel rack in the bathroom or kitchen. If you live in a small apartment where space is scarce, it will be cool to make a new hanging spot for your clothes out of the headboard as well.

Stool Caddy For Umbrellas

While umbrellas are helpful whether it is rainy or sunny, they have no use when you enter the house. Hence, upcycling your timeworn kitchen stool to create a unique umbrella caddy will be amazing. All you need to do is turn the chair upside down and perhaps repaint it before dropping all your umbrellas in it.

Chandelier Wine Bottles


There must be a period in your life in which you have consumed one too many drinks with your friends. You know that it is going to be a bit embarrassing to let your neighbors see you hauling a big box of empty wine bottles out of your home. The smartest thing you can make out of this situation is to tie strings on the mouth of each bottle, hold them up together, and put a lightbulb in the center. Now, you can say that you have made a chandelier by yourself.

Final Thoughts

Only the size of the outputs in this blog makes it different from the ones in the previous article. The ease of making them, though, does not change. You merely have to imagine what other things can get created out of the items that are practically trash at home.

There are more repurposing ideas that you can surely do on your own at home. How about crafting a desk or utensil organizer from scraps of wood? Why don’t you use the old TV set to build an aquarium, a dollhouse, or a bed for your pet? After all, imagination is the only restriction here.

Good luck!

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