Building Creativity And Mental Wellness


Close your eyes and visualize of your dream home. Yes, you know deep inside what makes you comfortable and happy. Never mind grandeur or the trend. It is about getting positivity from the four corners of your home. People often rely on the internet or the magazines to get an idea of how they want their home to be, and it is perfectly okay. Sometimes, it is easy to think our preference but hard to put them into concrete planning.

When redesigning or building your home, it is essential that the design eases your mind. It must bring positivity to promote success in your endeavors. It, after all, contributes to our mental wellness and therefore affects how you function. It influences your attitude towards the things around you such as work and passion. For instance, when you are a musician or an artist, it is imperative that your home stimulate your creative mind. Otherwise, you may start losing your marbles and need mental assistance from BetterHelp experts.

5 Ways You Can Promote Creativity In Your Home:

  1. Ensure a room or space where you can do all the thinking. As much as you want to spend time with your family, it is imperative that you have your own space for your tasks, ideas, art, or music. It doesn’t have to be big or elegant as long as it represents

Have a vision for the outcomes you hope to achieve, for example, how you think things could best function, and have a system to get to that place. Mira Brancu, Ph.D.

2. Concentrate on your feelings rather than the impression you make. It doesn’t matter whether other people find your house appealing or not. Place a spiral staircase if you wish; paint the wall orange if you please. It is your home, and you are going to be the one spending time in it. Make sure that every detail reflects what’s inside your mind.

3. Home doesn’t end inside your roofed space. Allow an area for nature as it stimulates creativity. You can add a garden, fountain, or a simple open space to look at the stars. Sometimes, we need solitude and silence to listen to ideas. We need to refrain from using and relying on the modern ways and connect with nature to replenish our thoughts.

As we’re busily going about on our work for another project, we may just happen to encounter an image or phrase or idea that prompts us to see an alternative and better approach to our creative problem.— Wilma Koutstaal Ph.D.

4. Once you have already ensured space for solitude, make sure that you allow a space for communication, a place where you can discuss with other family members or friends. Creativity comes from inside, but sometimes, some ideas come from listening to other’s opinions. Build a room with enough space to invite people who make you feel motivated.

5. Buy furniture that inspires Remember that it doesn’t need to be trendy as long as it brings out the creativity in you. Pick something to serve as a lucky charm that whenever you look at it, you feel a certain kind of glow or passion in you that you can then convert into creating something beautiful.


Our surrounding makes a significant impact on our mental wellness, and our home is where we spend most of our time. It should be able to reflect rather than block the light that comes from our passion and creativity. We have to involve ourselves in every detail because our home is a part of us. It affects our physical and mental health, and everything that goes inside is like happening in our mind.

Know that you can make the most of everything that comes to you, and try to approach it all as adventure and excitement. — Amy Armstrong, MS, NCC, MCC, LPC

There are many architectural designs and home ideas nowadays. Experts came up with new ways to show elegance, creativity, and uniqueness. However, our home is, again, an extension and reflection of our personality. It is imperative that it nourishes our emotional needs.

Creativeness comes from peace, comfort, honesty, inspiration, and all other emotions. As a homeowner, we should never be afraid to embrace all these. We make our home; therefore, we get to decide if we paint it black or white.

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