Building A Positive Life: How To Invite Good Fortune And Happiness



The house is where it all starts and happens – our dreams and fears that’s why we should have a say on what it brings us. Will it bring us a considerable fortune, health, or relationship? Some of us believe in feng shui or what we also know as the Chinese belief of connecting and harmonizing our lives with our surroundings, mainly our house.

Building our house is like creating our hopes and aspirations, our future, and our life. It is essential that we know every detail, every corner, every turn, and every color because it defines who we are; it determines the flow of our mind and our life.

How To Attract Positivity In Your House:

  1. Colors

Choose bright and relaxing colors. When you base your perspective on what psychology says, the color green, grey, and blue reduce stress, yellow signifies joy and spontaneity, and red represents prosperity. The colors of the house also determine the mood, so as much as possible use bright and light colors to attract positivity.

  1. Front Door

Choose a fine-looking front door as it is the first thing that people notice, and the front door represents your wealth and fortune. It should always be pleasing to the sight, and it is advisable to place a plant or a light at the side of the door. The light should be bright and lively as it represents your aura, and as for the plant, it has to be something that stays green and shrubby.

  1. Hallway

Give space for a hallway as it represents the flow of opportunities. You have to keep it free from clutters as they serve as hindrance or blockage of positive energy and possibilities. Place a nicely framed mirror or a plant to attract good fortune.

  1. Living Room

Avoid placing in too many pieces of furniture especially if the room is tiny. Make it spacious and avoid blocking the door. Place the sofa against the wall as this represents a good foundation and support for those who are inhabiting the house.

  1. Kitchen

In the kitchen, make sure that the sink and stove or cooker don’t go opposite from each other as it might affect the relationship between the couple or the inhabitants. The sink represents water, and the cooker embodies fire which means they could clash.

  1. Dining Room

The dining room is a vital space in the house as it is where we eat, and many traditions, especially Chinese tradition, consider eating as an essential ceremony of taking in outside elements inside our body. To attract good health and positivity, place a mirror in the room adjacent to the dining table and also place fresh or flowers on the table.

  1. Bedroom

A bedroom is an exceptional place in the house as it is our private space where we dream, think, and rest. To attract positivity and relaxation, avoid using striking and bold colors such as red. Use neutral colors to calm the mind. Also, your bed must have a headboard, and it should be against a stable and sturdy wall. It is advisable to put bedside tables with lamps and scented candles.

  1. Bathroom

The bathroom is where we clean ourselves, and it is hygienic to keep it clean. Always close the door and the toilet lid as both have something to do with the flow of money. Open door and toilet lid could mean flushing and draining wealth.

Our house serves as the extension of our body, so we have to treat it as one. It is where all our dreams and memories happen, and we have the power to filter what we want to invite inside. It is up to us whether we are going to believe feng shui or not, but it practically encourages us to live with a tidy, relaxed, and positive surrounding.


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