Living A Meaningful Life: 5 Quotes That Will Make You Want Home



If there’s one thing that makes us like everybody else is we all have a place we call home. Whether it’s big or small, a feeling or a memory, a person or space, there will always be something or someplace that we will ever consider home. With over billions of words in the dictionary, the home would be one of the most personal, sensitive, and meaningful ones. It strikes our emotions in every possible way as it touches our humanity. It will always ring a bell because we all long for a home.

5 Meaningful Quotes About Home:

“Home Is Where The Heart Is.”

Every one of us has a dream that requires us to leave home, but no matter what, we will always go back because it is where we truly belong. We may want to go to places where would be able to do the things we desire, but after all the adventure, we would all want to see and feel the familiar things our home give us.

“Home Is Where Our Story Begins.”

Before the world heard those big names, they all started somewhere. They all slept on a bed where they dreamt of the things they have now. Home is where we begin to see our future and feel the desires of our heart, and once we get to where we want to be, we will always look back at the moment and place when it was all just a dream.

“Home Is A Place You Grow Up Wanting To Leave, And Grow Old Wanting To Get Back To.”

There is a meme saying that when we are young, we sneak out of our house to be in parties, but once we get old, we sneak out of parties to be home. It is because when we mature, we begin to realize that real happiness is not what we once thought were someplace loud and lively. The real joy is in the serenity of our home.


“Home Is Not A Place. It’s A Feeling.”

When we hear the word home, we don’t think of just a place. The memory of past moments that made us who we are pop in our head, and it is what home is. It doesn’t matter where, whether it is bricks or wood or if there are cracked walls or leaks on the ceiling. It will always be how it makes us feel. It is what makes us at ease.

“What I Love The Most About Home Is Whom I Share It With.”

The essential element of the home is not the structure but the people who reside in it. When you think of home, don’t you think of the smiles and hear the laughter of the people who make it exceptional? You go back home anticipating you will get to talk to the people you consider family, that you will get to hug them and get silly and be yourself. At home, your loved ones surround you, and you don’t need to pretend. They will not judge if you are not your best self.


Home is something that we all have. It could be someplace in this giant ball we call earth, or it could dwell inside each one of us. Some of us may define it as space where we get to have privacy from others who are not familiar to us while some of us may depict it to be more profound. Wherever we are at this very moment, there will always be someplace, something, or someone we will consider home.



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