What Kind Of House Do You Live In?

Does it matter what kind of roof shelters us? Maybe there is a difference because somehow, there is diversity among people based on where they live.

It is no secret that individuals develop very strong emotional attachments to the places that they live. — Frank T. McAndrew Ph.D.

Our neighborhood defines the kind of people surrounding us and probably the person we are. It can influence how we think and function as an individual.  What kind of house do you own, a townhouse, condominium, duplex, country house, or a mansion? Does it matter which one? Let’s discuss the characteristics of each and how they define one’s personality.

Types Of Dwellings:


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A townhouse is one among the row of tall and narrow houses on leveled or sloping ground. It has three or more floors, not having much space outside. This type of home is typical in Europe but is also usual in North America, Asia, and, Australia. It could also refer to a property of someone who owns a house somewhere else and has the townhouse for frequent visits to the place.

Typically, when a family owns only a townhouse, they belong to the middle class. They are among the people who work in a big company with mid to high compensation. They are in a way the majority of the population in a city.


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A condominium is an apartment or house in a building. It typically has all the amenities and facilities accessible to all owners from the gym to pool to recreational rooms. There is also a security guard and front desk personnel who attends to the homeowners’ queries.

Condominiums are ideal for bachelors and bachelorettes or the people who do not have a family yet. It is for the reason that it doesn’t have much space for family activities such as grill time, sports, or gardening. Its small area is also ideal for those who do not spend much time in the house or are busy outside, and all they do when they get home is rest on their beds.

Since 2007, the number of shared households has risen from 19.7 million households to 22.0 million. — Susan Pease Gadoua L.C.S.W.


A duplex is a structure divided into two, making two separate dwellings. This type is common in the city which most of the time is for rent. The singularity about living in a duplex is that you have a particular neighbor whom you somehow share your life with that it may not be your business to know their affairs, but you get to because you are technically living under the same roof.

Living in a duplex is interesting as it somehow gives the chance of having a second family that’s why it is imperative that the other people living in the next door are people you can relate to because they could have a significant impact on your everyday life.

Country House

A country house is a large house ideal for raising a family. It is usually situated on a large land area owned by wealthy people. It is one of the American dreams to own a country house as it tends to be more cozy and ideal for those who want tranquillity

Living in a country house is perfect for those who want a simple yet comfortable life for the family. With the large land area, you could do many things like play with the kids, host a party, or do some gardening. It is also perfect for pet lovers as they will have much space to roam around.


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A mansion is a large, extravagant house owned by wealthy, famous, or powerful people like politicians, entrepreneurs, doctors, engineers, actors, and more. It usually needs many servants to do the cleaning as it is too big to maintain.

It tells the world you’re living your values of simplicity and kindness to the planet. It reinforces a positive self-perception of being independent and resourceful, but also being a little quirky and coloring outside the lines. — Alice Boyes Ph.D.

Living in a mansion could have crossed everyone’s mind when they were dreaming of the perfect life. It is a status symbol as you cannot own one without being incredibly wealthy. Living in a mansion could, however, cause isolation from the real world because you could only see from within your boundaries, and having a fantastic life inside would make you never want to go somewhere else.

It does matter where we live because somehow it determines how we are going to live our time. The people that surround us are essential in creating our behavior and personality. Being content may not be one of the humans’ great attitudes, but where we live in is a place where we can truly be ourselves, so whether it is a townhouse, condominium, duplex, country house, or a mansion, what’s essential is that we find happiness defined by our own understanding of it.

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